Fulcrum Factor is a success accelerator serving bio-sciences. We use a proven mix of strategy, analytics and communications to achieve tangible results for our clients. A fluency in both science and business enables the Fulcrum team to expertly navigate their clients toward success.

Provide Clarity

Successful business opportunities start with great ideas and are realized through ongoing planning and strategic implementation. Fulcrum Factor helps clients manage barriers and optimize opportunities identified through Fulcrum analysis techniques, resulting in the following:

  • Clarity of the risks / barriers and opportunities ahead
  • Clarity of business plan
  • Clarity to development plans
  • Clarity to the client’s value proposition
  • Clarity of message for investors

Minimize Risk

Fulcrum Factor provides due diligence for potential investors and objective analysis for technology founders. We independently verify product potential and identify the key  barriers that must be overcome for commercial success.

  • Commercial Feasibility
  • Competitive Landscape
  • I.P. Assessment
  • Market Potential
  • Confirming Customer Needs

Raise Capital

Fulcrum Factor’s principles have raised millions of dollars in non-dilutive financing and seed round capital for its clients. We understand the state and federal granting process and key components that must be presented to maximize success. We work with clients to develop the most attainable objectives for their stage of development and present the most credible plan to maximize investment from both granting authorities and private investors.

  • Non-Dilutive Financing
  • Grant Strategy
  • Grant Writing
  • Business Plan Development
  • Seed Financing
  • Investor Presentations

Advance Commercialization

Fulcrum Factor helps clients advance commercialization of their technologies through planning and implementation. A well structured plan meets the requirements of customers and stakeholders. Fulcrum factor delivers commercialization plans that meet these requirements.

  • Product Design Strategy
  • Product Development Planning
  • Clinical Trials Designs
  • Regulatory Planning
  • CLIA Lab Environment

Position Success

Fulcrum factor creates value for its clients by engaging customers at each stage of the commercialization process, ensuring project deliverables remain on target. We engage the clients customers and stakeholders early and often to ensure understanding of their needs, value drivers and preferred communication styles. Fulcrum methods include:

  • Concept Testing
  • Positioning Studies
  • Data requirements for financing
  • Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape
  • Naming and Logo studies

Compel Stakeholders

Fulcrum Factor works with its clients to provide clear and concise messaging that resonates through a variety of communication vehicles to customers and other stakeholders.

  • Brand and Message Development
  • Web and Social Media
  • Video Development
  • Sales Collateral
  • Public Relations