Minimizing Risk & Leveraging Success, Concept Through Commercialization

Fulcrum Factor is a success accelerator serving bio-sciences. We use a proven mix of strategy, analytics and communications to achieve tangible results for our clients. A fluency in both science and business enables the Fulcrum team to expertly navigate their clients towards success.

Fulcrum 1

Validating Product and Market Opportunity

Fulcrum’s concept validation verifies the market potential of our client’s products, indentifying barriers and opportunities that will enable clients to maximize success.

Fulcrum Validation:

  • Obtains essential information to:
    • Secure initial financing
    • Develop robust business and development plans
    • Develop effective messaging for potential investors and other stakeholders
  • Preserves precious capital and minimizes risk through identification of product and/or concept flaws allowing for early adjustment to product configurations.
  • Has resulted in development of new Intellectual Property
  • Has resulted in attainment of pre-seed and non-dilutive financing for multiple organizations

Fulcrum 2

Positioning for Product and Market Requisites

Fulcrum’s positioning defines end user requirements, market claims, the least onerous regulatory path and the most direct reimbursement strategy to develop a balanced and efficient commercialization plan that meets stake holder requirements and provides the quickest route to market entry.

Fulcrum Positioning:

  • Refines product specifications to maximally meet market needs
  • Provides information necessary to:
    • Develop milestone based commercialization plans
    • Preserve founder equity by defining the amount of capital required to meet each commercial milestone
    • Refine and improve message to investors for attainment of financing
    • Assess the accuracy of the original development plans at the completion of each milestone to ensure product specifications remain on target and continue to meet customer expectations.
  • Has resulted in the attainment of equity based and non-dilutive financing exceeding over $10 million dollars to support the development of our client’s products.

Fulcrum 3

Mobilizing Product to Market and Proving Market Viability

Market Entry is fraught with risk due to the considerable resources required to gain a foothold in the market. It is vital for organizations to efficiently allocate resources for this effort. The Fulcrum team has deep experience with initial market introductions in the clinical diagnostic and life sciences segments; establishing product presence in major biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our success in introducing products to physician based practices has resulting in the acquisition of diagnostic products and therapeutic devices by major references laboratories and medical device companies.

Fulcrum Mobilization:

  • Identifies primary customers that will result in rapid adaption of client’s products and that will provide credibility for expansion to the wider market.
    • Early adopters
    • Key opinion leaders
    • High volume customers
  • Development of effective messaging through market research positioning
  • Articulation of your brand and brand story
  • Compels stake holders through the development of marketing programs to increase brand awareness and brand benefit